a powerful solution to handle your keys

With Time Framed PIN codes

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Optimize your key handling

Massive Time saving

The keys stay in the safe. No running back and forth to front desks, reception desks, no searching for the right key or waiting for hours till guests arrive. Just send a PIN code and give acces for the period of your choice.

Zero Cables

No cables required. You can mount the safe inside or outdoor on any wall. The safes are not internet or 3/4 G connected and are not connected to the electricity grid.

No key handout to third parties

Maintenance, Cleaning, Occasional repairs. Just send a PIN code with limited access in time and give the third party access. When the PIN expires, the access expires.

a simple but powerful solution with time-framed PIN codes

How does it work ?

Once you receive the Key safe, register it in our portal and you will immediately have optimized your key handovers. The exhausting procedure of moving and gathering keys from person to person has ended. Our time sensitive PIN code let’s you decide when and how long a guest, employee or third party can enter the property or the room. Whether it’s an hour, a couple of days or a couple of weeks. Just send the PIN code via email or SMS and done ! Once the PIN expires the access expires too

In 3 Simple steps

1. Logon to the portal

With a username and password of your choice you can login in the portal where you can manage all your key safes

2. Generate a PIN Code

Pick a key safe and push ‘Generate Code’. Choose which parameters the PIN code should contain with a few simple clicks. Should it be a one time use or a multiple used code. Will it be valid for days or hours. Choose a start date and a start hour and choose how long it will be valid. Push generate code..

3. Send it

to the guest, staff or maintenance crew Choose a person who to send it too and choose email or SMS. Since you have the PIN code in front of you on your screen any other channel to send it can be used too

Done in less than 30 seconds

Presentation of Silvae


The REST API is the heart of all programatic interactions with Silvae.Online. Through our API you can connect with our PIN code system and integrate this technology in your own applications.

Subscription - Safes

We implemented our solution in the key safes of Masunt. A well established German company. For more info on the different subscription models please email us at smartkey@silvaetechnologies.eu

Custom Development

We are a technology company and developed a high tech innovative solution for this specific Key Safe. If you would need a custom developed solution based on this or similar technology please get in contact with us

If you would like to stay in touch send simply an email to smartkey@silvaetechnologies.eu